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Shostakovich: Symphony No 7 'Leningrad' – The Mariinsky Label

Symphony No 7 'Leningrad'

***** Recording **** Performance BBC Music Magazine
**** Financial Times
**** Sinfini Music

  • Valery Gergiev conductor
    Mariinsky Orchestra

  • Total duration 82m21s

    Catalogue number MAR0533
    UPC 822231853329

    James Mallinson producer
    Vladimir Ryabenko engineering & editing
    Jonathan Stokes & Neil Hutchinson for Classic Sound Ltd mastering

    Recorded June 2012 in the Mariinsky Concert Hall, St Petersburg

    Includes multi-channel 5.0 and stereo mixes.
    Notes in English / en Francais / auf Deutsch / на русском языке

  • Recording ***** Performance ****
    'Gergiev exerts a much tauter control over proceedings, the inexorable tread of the sarabande rhythm achieving mesmeric cumulative power which is helped in no small measure by the superbly responsive orchestral playing and the tremendous dynamic range of the recording.'
    BBC Music Magazine

    I've heard a lot of Leningrad Symphonies in my time… and this recording is one of the best.'
    American Record Guide

    **** 'Gergiev and his heroic St Petersburg orchestra show that the Adagio - touched by a sense of intimacy, passion and tradegy - is the real kernel of the symphony.'
    Financial Times

    **** 'The heart of Gergiev's performance, though, is the third movement Adagio; check out how, at around 13'20", he spins the harmony on its axis, renewing the momentum, setting himself up for a nuanced, dignified Finale.'

    'A deliberate tempo doesn't detract from Gergiev's reading of the Adagiothird movement. He has a great feeling for the structure of this movement and it never feels overtly slow. The Mariinsky strings soar in their heartfelt opening phrases and the performance reaches the level of intensity one associates with this team in the concert hall.'
    International Record Review

    'Gergiev is more unremittingly sombre but magnificently controlled at all stages, and he draws eloquent playing from his orchestra.'

    'I am especially taken with the tragic and yet moving third movement Adagio, where the strings are particularly affecting. The brass as usual are well-balanced and finely-honed.'
    Audiophile Audition

    ‘The lyrical warmth that Gergiev elicits in the outer sections of the [first] movement, from both strings and woodwinds, achieves the right balance of pastoral tranquillity and stoic dignity. In the stepped-up tempo of the invasion sequence, Gergiev presses forward with the steely determination of his Soviet predecessors.’ DSCH Journal

    ‘In my opinion this disk should be in the collection of every music lover’ Alarusse.wordpress.com

    'Here, the Seventh is well-recorded with wide dynamic.'


Valery Gergiev, Mariinsky Orchestra

The Mariinsky Label presents the fourth installment in Valery Gergiev's Shostakovich symphony cycle - an emotionally-charged performance of the composer's Seventh Symphony.

Shostakovich dedicated his Seventh Symphony to the defiance shown by the citizens of Leningrad in the face of Nazi totalitarianism. Despite the widespread reassessment that has since taken place regarding the inspirations for his symphonies, the 'Leningrad' symphony remains a highly-potent symbol for the residents of modern-day St Petersburg. 

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