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STRAVINSKY Petrushka, Jeu de cartes – The Mariinsky Label

Petrushka, Jeu de cartes

  • Valery Gergiev conductor
    Mariinsky Orchestra

  • Total duration 58m

    Catalogue number MAR0594
    UPC 822231859420

    Vladimir Ryabenko Producer & Engineer
    James Mallinson Producer
    Recorded at Mariinsky Concert Hall, St Petersburg
    14 January 2014 (Petrushka) / 26, 29 & 31 December 2009 (Jeu de cartes)

    SACD Hybrid in jewel case with booklet Notes in English / en Français / auf Deutsch / на русском языке
    Compatible with all CD players - SACD layer includes multi-channel 5.0 and stereo mixes

  • ‘It’s Jeu de Cartes that’s the real deal, played as though they’re delighted to see it back on the music stands…An enjoyable recording as well, rich and detailed in stereo or surround.’
    BBC Radio 3 - Record Review

    ‘Needless to say, Gergiev has the measure of this winning Stravinsky piece.’
    CD Choice

    ‘Vibrant performances of both works, and the multichannel sound makes this hybrid SACD a treat for audiophiles.’
    All Music


Valery Gergiev, Mariinsky Orchestra

The Mariinsky Label presents Valery Gergiev’s first recording of Stravinsky’s iconic Petrushka score, paired with one of the composer’s hidden gems, the witty Jeu de cartes.

Stravinsky’s score to Petrushka is one of his most celebrated works and a product of his famous collaboration with Diaghilev that also produced The Firebird and Rite of Spring. Presented here in the composer’s original 1911 version, it tells the story of the loves and jealousies of three puppets who are brought to life during the 1830 Shrovetide Fair in Saint Petersburg. Its colourful music typifies Stravinsky’s work during the period and is characterised by the famous bitonal ‘Petrushka chord’.

A ballet in ‘three deals’, 1937’s Jeu de cartes stems from Stravinsky’s life-long enthusiasm for cards; poker in particular. A commission by Lincoln Kirstein and his newly formed American Ballet Company, it was composed during Stravinsky’s neoclassical period. The whimsical music focuses on the deceitful Joker who thinks himself unbeatable, thanks to a chameleon-like ability to become any card. During the work the Joker wages battle with other hands, but after two victorious rounds and the appearance of a third, he is vanquished by a Royal Flush of Hearts. Stravinsky regularly read La Fontaine during the composition of Jeu de cartes, choosing this quote to include in the score: ‘We must wage continual war against the wicked. Peace in itself is a fine thing, I agree, but what use can it be with enemies who do not keep their word?’

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